Our way of helping

We combine your data

Today there is a lot going on your company. It is often difficult to see the forest through the trees. There is an invaluable source of useful data in your company, no matter what system they come from.

However, it often seems an impossible task to combine data and gain insights into this. Let that be just the thing that Comigoo can help you.

How do we do that exactly? We come by to get acquainted. We listen to your information needs and go through the process of data processing and management. Based on an adapted demo, we show you the possibilities for your organization.

Then we start with your data. We come back quickly with a set of visualizations that are easy to understand and very easy to adapt to your wishes and expectations.

We interpret

We know that reports are often not used optimally. That is why we always add a human touch by looking at and interpreting all data together with you.

Indeed, our experienced employees can make connections that you might not immediately make. For example, you can recognize and correct inconsistencies and even errors in your data.

We are scientists

Data science goes a step further than analyzing your operational data. Here, our scientists go to work to uncover hidden dependencies. On the basis of complex models we can even make predictions in the future!

This is the real power of big data. You can use this to transform your business and gain a competitive advantage.

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Qlik displayed on multiple devices


Do you choose for your data to be made available from our Comigoo servers? Great choice! Your data will be placed in a highly protected environment where they will be safe. You can always access you apps in any browser or device. You just pay a monthly subscription.


You prefer to have the data on your own server? That’s no problem! We walk you through the various possibilities and discuss an approach that works for you personally.